Glow Job


Sat March 16, 2024
( Doors: 8:00 pm ) SHOW: 8:00 pm PDT
Star Theater
13 NW Sixth Avenue, Portland, OR
Ages 21 and Up
Glow Job 2024: Glowmaster
Those that know, glow. Bathe yourself in ultraviolet glory!  The
world's best black light party returns to Star Theater.

This event has sold out for more than a decade. Do not wait on getting tix.


Prepare for thousands of watts of black light and some of the best
costumes ever, anywhere.

DO I HAVE TO GLOW? Yep. Tickets will not guarantee entry without costume.

WHY DO YOU NEED TO GLOW? While some LED blacklights put out a visible
light, most ultraviolet light is invisible until it reflects off a
black-light reactive surface. You become the light source.

COSTUME HELP: Experienced glowers will shop with a black light
flashlight in hand. Sometimes neon cottons wont reflect while other
materials will pop. Another option is to get body painted.
This event is LGBTQ+ and 21+.

your willing participation in the event GLOW JOB, including all
physical, moral and psychological damage.  You acknowledge YOU MUST
DRESS TO GLOW TO ENTER THIS EVENT and that tickets do not guarantee
entry if you do not dress to glow. Failure to dress in a manner
befitting the event may prevent entry and that no refunds will be
issued if you are in fact too lame to dress for the event. You, the
purchaser, and those who receive tickets purchased by you waive,
release, and forever discharge and agree not to sue from any and all
liability arising from said event, including but not limited to death,
public shame, legal issues, data charges, unexpected sexual congress,
unintended pregnancy, contact with moving vehicles, stank, any injury,
theft or property damage that may occur at or traveling to or from
said event, the following entities: Glow Job staff, members and
entertainers (hereinafter “The Sponsors”). You hereby waive all claims
which you  have now or may hereafter have against The Sponsors in any
connection with my  participation in GLOWJOB. You indemnify and hold
harmless The Sponsors for any liabilities or claims made as a result
of participation in this activity or event. If you do sue:  you will
lose, agree to pay The Sponsors’ court costs and attorneys’ fees for
any such claim. By purchasing this ticket and attending this event,
you are expressly consenting to have photographs and/or videos taken
of you at the event for personal and/or commercial purposes, including
but not limited to: publication in print media and/or on websites,
including social media, or other digital platforms; use by Glow Job,
the venue, and/or the photographers or videographers for marketing or
other commercial purposes; transmission via mail, e-mail, text
message, etc.. You hereby disavow any expectation of privacy from
photography, videography, and other methods of audio/visual recording
at the event. Meaning: We are going to take pics like we do every
Glow Job