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Mon March 25, 2019 9:00 pm PDT (Doors: 8:00 pm )
Inspiration and enjoyment comes from: flowers, teeth, moths, "teen angst," Joanna Newsom, bruises, fruit, Andrew Bird, reflections in water, empty fields, big boots, Sleater Kinney, and existentialism.

Sunbathe is the devastatingly catchy, fuzzed-out pop band brought to you by songwriter Maggie May Morris. Suffused with lyrical honesty and a raw performance style, Morris can command the stage coasting along on an abundance of hooks and lighthearted guitar. Backed by an all-star band of Pieter Hilton and Shannon Steele (Typhoon), Sunbathe has quickly gained notoriety for their captivating live performances. The self-titled debut from Sunbathe shows the many sides of Morris' songwriting abilities yet maintains a cohesive structure through it's radiantly pop-minded arrangements and with another release on the horizon in 2018, Sunbathe proves to be one of today's most promising acts.
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