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La Maison Dangereuse & Elizabeth Mollo Productions
Sat January 26, 2019 9:00 pm PST (Doors: 8:00 pm )

In 1974 when David Bowie composed the groundbreaking album Diamond Dogs, he set the story in the Post-Apocalyptic world of "Hunger City."

This decaying dystopia was a world where, in his words, "The 'crazed' inhabitants wear rags of cloth and plastics and furs. They dance or gyrate at un-predetermined moments." Bowie's vision of Hunger City as a feature-length film was quickly set aside for his Plastic Soul persona of Young Americans.

However, via the V&A Museum's exhibit "David Bowie Is" we are a window on the intricacy (and obsession) of his imaginings through preserved scripts,storyboards, and drawings.

On January 26th, 2019 as the grand finale of the month-long "Days of Bowie", The Star Theater will be transformed into Hunger City for the costume ball celebration, "Blackstar Ball".

Part immersive theater, part dance party, part rock and roll cabaret- this brainchild of DJ Gregarious, Nico Bella and Elizabeth Mollo is an audio visual love letter that brings Bowie's abandoned opus to life.

In our Post-Bowie Apocalypse, Blue Jean Bewlay: The Queen Bitch of Hunger City, The DJ, Halloween Jack, The Diamond Dog Catcher, Miss/Mr./Ms. Robot and Lady Stardust all come together for the annual ball where the Bowie Gangs battle for the stake hold of Hunger City. Which of the Bowies will rule this year?

Will it be the Ziggys, The Dukes, The Goblins, The Goon Squad? Or will a new mutation of Bowies emerge?

The Opening Ceremony will be led by musical director Ben Landsverk and his all-star band, Afraid of Americans. The floor show will feature performances by The OK Chorale, Miss Nico Bella, Elizabeth Mollo, Lily La Fauve and in her Portland debut, LA's Ruby Freidman. A night of glam-soaked dancing will follow led by Hunger City's Minister of Sound, The DJ (DJ Gregarious) and a midnight "Ballroom Blitz" where Fashion and Fame will Odetermine the Gang of the Year. Art installations, backdrops, and immersive environments will decorate the interior and patio of The Star providing ample opportunities to capture the parade of glitz, glamour, and inspiration on display. The Spectacle: Sensational

The Costumes: Mandatory.

The Music: All night.

Because, we like dancing and we *look* divine.

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