Folk Magik Presents


Fri November 4, 2022
( Doors: 8:00 pm ) SHOW: 9:00 pm PDT
Star Theater
13 NW Sixth Avenue, Portland, OR
Ages 21 and Up
Ty Segall (Solo / Acoustic) with Emmett Kelly
Doors: 8:00pm  //  Show: 9:00pm  //  Ages 21+  // Standing Room Only.

Ty Seagall:
Tossing down straight acoustic shots with electric guitar back, "Hello, Hi" rides through the valley of yer ol' Canyon legends, finding an isolated place to unspool Ty's copious reserves of nervous energy beneath an open sky. Swarms of harmony vocals caper among the clouds, but there's a rider on the horizon behind, with crossbow trained on his very own heart — the engine driving all the relationships of life, whether down Broadway or over the cliffs at night! Whatever doesn't get killed is getting stronger all the time. A lean, mean deal, baked in saltwater and sunlight, compassion pouring out it's beautiful blue eyes. 

Emmett Kelly: 
Emmett Kelly is a widely traveled session and touring musician and the artist responsible behind the Cairo Gang. Before establishing his nom de plume, he lent his talents to recordings and tours by Joan of Arc, Azita, Angel Olsen, Sonny Smith, Beth Orton, and others, all before Cairo Gang's self-titled debut appeared in 2006.
Ty Segall

Freedom's Goblin flies us around the soundworld of Ty Segall in nineteen tracks, allowing him to do a bit everything for the free and the goblins of Freedom alike! Deep impact rock of all shapes and sizes and some of the most violent, passionate, funny and free pop songs of 2018.